A criminal cult

The news is out: [The Vatican began digging up two graves Thursday after an anonymous tip-off that they may contain the remains of an Italian teenager who went missing 36 years ago.
Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee, was last seen leaving a music class aged 15, and theories have circulated for decades about who took her and where her body may lie.
Five years earlier, forensic experts exhuming the tomb of a notorious crime boss at a Vatican church uncovered some 400 boxes of bones.
Enrico De Pedis, head of the Magliana gang, was suspected of involvement in her kidnapping and some speculated the youngster may be buried alongside him, but DNA tests failed to find a match.]

It’s amazing that NO ONE was indicted on murder charges and the Vatican continues to ride above the law.
Let me state that the remains of that young girl will never be found. The following is an excerpt from my book “My journey into reality” (2014): Emanuela Orlandi, 15 years old, was murdered on 06-22-1983, by Enrico De Pedis, on the orders of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, who is also responsible for the murder of Roberto Calvi.

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