The truth shall set you free

The news is out: [Mendoza (Argentina) (AFP) – Ezequiel Villalonga spent most of his life at the Provolo Institute in Mendoza, a Catholic school for deaf children. But now the 18-year-old, who is deaf and mute, has lost all faith in the Church.
He and his classmates claim they are victims of the pedophile priests who ran the institution, part of a sweeping scandal that has shaken Argentina, Pope Francis’s home country.
“I think that everything in the Church is fake. Everything they made us read, recite, the way (they said) people should live,” he said in sign language, just before the start of the priests’ trial on Monday.
“I think they lie and that they’re demonic,” he added.]

Finally, Ezequiel Villalonga found the truth.

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