Just idle talk

The news is out: [Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg blamed white nationalism, which he said is “condoned at the highest level of our government,” for the mass shooting in El Paso Saturday that killed 20 people. Police are investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.
“There’s no question that white nationalism is condoned at the highest level of our government,” Buttigieg told Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace when asked if he thinks Trump bears some responsibility for these shootings.
“When this kind of rhetoric happened 20 years ago when David Duke was trying to run for office as a Republican, the Republican Party was horrified,” he continued, referring to the white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader who ran a losing campaign for governor of Louisiana in 1991. “They couldn’t run away fast enough.”
“Right now you see it being echoed by the White House and there is a measure of responsibility that you just can’t get away from when you have case after case of racial rhetoric coming out of the White House,” Buttigieg said.
“And then when you have an actual incident of white nationalist terrorism like the killing in Charlottesville related to people saying ‘Jews will not replace us’ and the president saying you’ve got very fine people there,” Buttigieg said, referring to a white nationalist rally in 2017 that led to the death of a counter protester. “Of course this is part of a climate where people who are in the grip of this hateful, extremist ideology feel validated and they feel validated from all the way at the top, and that is part of our problem.”]

It’s not enough to place the blame on Trump; remove him from office. The CONSTITUTION doesn’t allow one branch of government to be over the others. One runaway branch of government will doom the entire nation.

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