Understanding racism

The news is out: [Donald Trump laughed and joked after a supporter suggested shooting Mexican migrants at a rally in May 2019. The clip of the interaction is once again spreading across social media, as the US reels from the El Paso massacre.
On Sunday morning, 08-04-2019, some of America’s pastors made no mention of the horrific mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that killed at least 31 people and injured dozens more over the weekend. “Our pulpit is not one that silence works in,” Jason Morriss, the pastor at Austin New Church, a progressive Methodist congregation in Austin, Texas, told me. Anger and frustration: This is what many Americans have come to feel in a culture of endless mass shootings, and it is also what some Americans have come to feel about Christianity in this country.]
Enough said.

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