God is good all the time?

The news is out: [CINCINNATI, Ohio – A pastor at a Ohio church has been charged with a sex crime involving a minor.
Cesar Guerrero, 38, a pastor at Misión Cristiana El Calvario in Sharonville, Ohio, has been charged with three counts of sexual battery stemming from an incident that occurred on Aug. 5, according to court documents.
The man is accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a 17-year-old girl who is a member of his church. According to jail records, “multiple females” have made sexual abuse accusations against him.
“Guerrero is considered a prophet of God as the Pastor of his church,” an affidavit states.
Police said he used this position to influence a girl into believing that the word of God said she “needed to be cleansed from being molested as a child,” the affidavit states.
Court documents state Guerrero met the girl alone in his office and “used bible scripture and prayers to cleanse her” while sex acts were performed.
He told the victim that “God was talking to him and it was necessary,” documents said.]

Any almighty God who watches from above or below and allows crimes like this to happen is an asshole. 

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