Keeping negroes out

The news is out: [MUSKEGON, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan man was hopeful that he had finally found the “perfect” house for his family after a month of house hunting. However, he was left feeling “sick to [his] stomach” after discovering Ku Klux Klan memorabilia hanging on the wall of the home he toured, owned by a local police officer.
Rob and Reyna Mathis were touring a home for sale in Muskegon, Michigan when Rob made the shocking discovery.
“As we are walking to the house I’m seeing confederate flags on the walls the dining room table and even the garage,” Rob shared on Facebook. “I’m thinking to myself as a joke I’m walking to the imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan‘s house right now.”
A white police officer in western Michigan was placed on paid administrative leave after a house hunter who was viewing the officer’s home said he saw a framed Ku Klux Klan application and multiple Confederate flags.
The Muskegon Police Department opened an internal investigation after Robert Mathis, who is black, posted a picture of the document on Facebook after touring Officer Charles Anderson’s Holton-area home, which was for sale.
“I was just so disgusted,” Mathis told “I told my son let’s go, we’re getting out of here. This is a Klan house, really, we have to go right now. It was basically telling me, whites only to purchase his house.”
Anderson, who has been on the force more than 20 years, was put on leave indefinitely, City Manager Frank Peterson said Thursday.]
For 20 years he was allowed to dispense “his” brand of justice in the streets, and now he is on paid vacation.

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