The news is out: [(Bloomberg) – A deadly pig virus is spreading further in eastern Europe as the region struggles to contain a long-running outbreak of the disease.
Serbia has reported its first suspected cases of African swine fever, just weeks after Slovakia said it had found the disease in a backyard herd. There’s also been a “distinct increase” in cases reported on pig farms in nations already affected, including Romania, Poland and Bulgaria, according to data compiled by the U.K. government.
Eastern Europe has been battling to control the virus since it first spread from Russia in 2014. While most affected countries in the region aren’t major pork producers, they remain in close proximity to key exporters further west. African swine fever has leaped into the global spotlight, as China (home to half the world’s hogs) and other Asian nations lost millions of pigs from outbreaks that began a year ago.]
Glad to see Europe is getting something from Africa, other than stolen natural resources and the bones of dead negroes.

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