Black man looking

The news is out: [DETROIT – Police have launched an internal investigation after officers stopped and questioned a black man reportedly because a white woman said he looked at her suspiciously.
Critics say the police response was aggressive and over the top. A video of the encounter, which happened Tuesday evening outside a cafe in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit, is circulating on social media.
The man was walking to the restaurant when an officer pulled up and began asking him questions, cafe manager Erin Frey said. Three other officers also responded to the scene.
The man was questioned for almost an hour before he was told he was free to go, Frey said.]

It’s time for negroes to turn these illegal, unconstitutional stop and detentions into financial profits. Sue the jackbooted neo-Nazis until they learn how to do their jobs. All the white woman in question did was to place a phone call; she wasn’t questioned for an hour or charged with making a false report. So hang tight until the next time a white woman sees another negro.

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