Are you in good hands?

In August 2019, I decided to switch my car insurance from Auto-Owners insurance to Allstate. A week before the start date, a package came in the mail from Allstate. I was instructed, via email, to plug the enclosed device to my car computer in order to receive a discount. Something I didn’t do, because I had a few questions.
On 09/11/2019, I dropped by the office to see my agent. The following happened:
Me: I received this device in the mail.
Agent: Yes, it’s the DriveWise which will save you money. You will get a discount.
Me: What are my options?
Agent: You don’t want to use it?
Me: No.
Agent: Why?
Me: Because I will not give my consent to a company to violate my constitutional rights.
Agent (taking aback): No, it’s not that.
Me: It’s just that. Big brother wants to know how I am driving. 40 years without an accident or a traffic ticket and the company wants to use an illegal excuse to control me? There are 2 places I have an expectation of privacy: my home and my car. I don’t allow unwanted intrusion in either one.
Agent: We don’t go by driving history anymore. This device records every time you apply the brakes and how you drive. (Please note how the agent sidestepped the privacy issue)
Me: Like I said, it’s Big brother. I can’t do that. My constitutional rights are way more important to me than a lousy discount.
Agent: You know, that’s the same thing hospitals do when they record your heartbeat.
Me: No, it’s not the same thing. And besides, do you know why hospitals require everyone to sign consent forms?
Agent: Well, we will return the device for you. We have thousands of people who got their discount.
Me: I am well aware of that; I meet them every day. (With that said, I smiled all the way to my car.)

Are you in good hands? When Allstate hands are extended towards you, you get the middle finger, twice. Protect your rights at all times.

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