No laughing matter

The news is out: [A massive asteroid struck present-day Mexico 66 million years ago. The impact contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs and 75% of life on Earth at the time.
By analyzing rocks from deep in the asteroid crater, scientists were able to reconstruct what happened during the day after the impact.
The samples revealed that the asteroid crash caused a mile-high tsunami, wildfires, and the release of billions of tons of sulfur, which blotted out the sun and led the planet to cool.
While many dinosaurs died near the impact site, the creatures likely went extinct overall because of the resulting temperature changes.]

72 hours after the asteroid killed the dinosaurs, the 3 little pigs built their houses of straw, sticks and bricks. Then the wolf finally caught up with Little Red Riding Hood.

According to the bible, life on Earth started on November 23rd 4004 BCE, at 1:35pm exactly.

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