Jesus saves

The news is out: [The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester in upstate New York filed for bankruptcy protection Thursday amid a wave of lawsuits over alleged sexual abuse of children, becoming the first of the state’s eight dioceses to do so and the 20th nationwide.
New York passed a law this year giving victims of childhood sexual abuse one year to file lawsuits that had previously been barred because the allegations were too old. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against churches and other institutions since the law took effect last month.
“We’ve come to the conclusion that we cannot minister to every victim that comes forward and help them out if we did not go this route,” Bishop Salvatore Matano said during a news conference.
Attorneys for numerous victims said the bankruptcy filing would not prevent those with claims from pursuing compensation.
The state court system reported that as of Monday, 639 cases had been filed statewide under the Child Victims Act that took effect Aug. 14. The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said 59 cases had been filed against the Rochester diocese.]

A tax exempt pedophile club shouldn’t be allowed to file for bankruptcy. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester in upstate New York is not a franchise, but an integral part of the Catholic cult. The primary mission of the church has always been to secure the money donated by fools and idiots.

On the funny side: the Roman Catholic church forces people to confess their sins, and  repent by doing a penance. The damn priests not only refuse to confess their sins, they hide them. Forget the penance, they are trying to get a package deal from their God.

It has reached the point that serious actions must be taken against the Catholic church, Federal investigations and serious prison time. This situation appears to be rampant; sprinkling holy water, hail Mary’s and musical chairs are no longer acceptable! They fake saving souls, but the real effort comes when it’s time to save the money. Jesus saves… with bankruptcy.

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