Helping crooks

The news is out: [Choosing to gift the budget-friendly, internet-connected home-security camera from Wyze Labs was an easy decision for holiday shoppers after the gadget landed on several top tech gift guides. But on Monday, Wyze executives said that the information of 2.4 million of their customers had been exposed to the public.
Camera information, Wi-Fi network details and email addresses of customers were exposed from Dec. 4 to Dec. 27, the executives said.
The breach was made public by the Twelve Security blog on Dec. 26. Twelve Security is a consulting firm that works to create secure computing environments.
Executives at Wyze Labs were made aware of the data breach when a customer posted the blog post from Twelve Security on a Wyze online forum.
Wyze immediately began to audit its security protocols and found a second breach on Dec. 27, Dave Crosby, a co-founder of Wyze, said Monday. An investigation into the breaches is ongoing.]

Congratulations to all the suckers who can’t wait to buy the latest gizmos. Stupid is as stupid does.

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