Saw that one coming

The news is out: [In Wisconsin this February, one lawmaker wants to mark Black History Month by celebrating 10 Americans — including a Civil War colonel, a newspaper editor and a church deacon. All are heralded for their bravery, but most on the list are white.
The resolution, circulated this month, identifies a group of people integral to the state’s Underground Railroad system, both slaves who traveled it and abolitionists who sheltered them. The author, state Rep. Scott Allen (R), says it’s a sincere effort to salute important historical figures. But several black legislators have called the effort disingenuous and said it undermines the purpose of Black History Month: to highlight the accomplishments of African Americans so often overlooked in classrooms and history books.
It’s the third year in a row that Wisconsin’s commemoration of Black History Month has devolved into a largely partisan struggle over issues of cultural appropriation, identity politics, privilege and power — a small-scale tableau of some of the nation’s deepest divides.]

The entire year is dedicated to the mutations of Dravidian albinos; yet, they cannot stand faking one lousy month to fool negroes.

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