The oath of losers

The news is out: [An Alabama police chief has apologized after two of his officers were caught posing with a controversial “Christmas gift,” which garnered criticism on social media.
Preston McGraw and Alexandre Olivier, two officers with the Mobile Police Department, were shown posing with a “homeless quilt” in a Facebook post on one of the officers’ personal profiles, BuzzFeed News reports.
In the post, which was shared on Sunday but has since been deleted, the two men are seen standing with a collection of signs that were purportedly confiscated from homeless people.
“Wanna wish everybody in 4th precinct a Merry Christmas, especially our captain,” the original post read. “Hope you enjoy our homeless quilt!”
The post, which was signed, “Sincerely, Panhandler patrol,” quickly went viral, and was shared on social media by many users who expressed their outrage.
“A ‘homeless quilt’ made by the ‘panhandler patrol.’ The lack of empathy and care is stunning and disgusting,” one Twitter user wrote.
“This is not a lack of empathy or care. This is state-sanctioned violence. And these are the trophies of their conquests,” another added.]

Another example of taxpayer funded ignorance from stupid public servants.

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