Pillar of society update

The news is out: [BALTIMORE (AP) — A Maryland pediatrician convicted of sexually abusing a longtime patient has been indicted on 98 similar charges.
The indictments against 69-year-old Ernesto Cesar Torres were handed down this month just before he was sentenced Dec. 23, news outlets report. He was ordered held without bail on Monday, according to a statement by the state’s attorney’s office. The additional sex crime charges are related to 19 other victims, all of whom were juveniles at the time of the alleged assaults. A pretrial conference is set for Jan. 24.
Last month, Torres was convicted of second-degree assault and fourth-degree sexual offense of an 18-year-old patient, whom he had been treating since she was a baby. She said Torres assaulted her when she visited his office by herself for the first time during a follow-up appointment to discuss her anxiety medication.
He’s currently serving a one-year jail sentence and was given credit for the roughly 230 days he spent on house arrest since his being taken into custody in May.]

Physicians are given the same undeserved respect and reverence as Catholic priests.

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