Raping negroes

The news is out: [The Samples were a black Chicago family, with six children and few resources. The priest helped them with tuition, clothes, bills. He offered the promise of opportunities — a better life.
He also abused all the children.
They told no one. They were afraid of not being believed and of losing what little they had, said one son, Terrence Sample. And nobody asked, until a lawyer investigating alleged abuses by the same priest prompted him to break his then 33-year silence.
“Somebody had to make the effort,” Sample said. “Why wasn’t it the church?”]

Why any black person would trust religion is beyond my understanding. Since 550 AD when the Arabs and Muslims started raiding Africa to kidnap and enslave negroes, Christianity had been the loudest cheerleader, before becoming a prolific slave trader. Enough black families have been destroyed, enough black men have been slaughtered, enough black women have been raped, enough black babies have been raped on the altar of Christianity. Negroes need to get out of the Kool-Aid and realize the MAAFA is the only thing they got from the Christian God.

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