The news is out: [Three Americans were killed in Sunday’s Kenya terror attack, a US defense official told CNN.
One US service member and two civilian contractors working for the Defense Department were killed in the attack carried out by Al-Shabaab, US Africa Command announced Sunday.
Africa Command also said 2 DOD members were wounded, are now in stable condition and are being evacuated.
The attack occurred at a Kenya Defense Force in Manda Bay, Kenya. Sources previously have told CNN that base was used by US Special Operations forces working with the Kenyans.
Africa Command said the US uses the airfield for missions such as providing training to African allies, responding to crises and protecting US interests in the region.]

Any European in Africa is up to no good. What are we doing in Africa? All this is made possible by Obama who forced 3 drone bases in Kenya to kill more negroes. Show me a European trying to help Africans, and I will show you a buzzard ready to fleece Africa.

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