The lunatics

The news is out: [Lori Vallow, the mother of two Idaho children who have vanished, allegedly threatened to kill her estranged husband five months before he was murdered, according to divorce documents.
Charles Vallow said in the papers that Lori was obsessed with doomsday and near-death scenarios and told him in January that she was a “translated being who cannot taste death sent by god to lead the 144,000 into the Millennium.”
By July, Charles Vallow was dead—allegedly shot by Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, who himself died of unknown causes on Dec. 12. A few months later, Lori married Chad Daybell, a doomsday writer whose own wife had died weeks earlier.
The newlyweds left Idaho, police said, after investigators began inquiring about the whereabouts of Lori’s minor children, 17-year-old Tylee Ryan and adopted 7-year-old Joshua “J.J.” Vallow.
According to local news outlets that obtained the divorce papers, Charles Vallow filed a divorce petition last February seeking sole custody of J.J. and painting a disturbing portrait of Lori, referred to as “mother” in the documents.
“Mother believes that she is receiving spiritual revelations and visions to help her gather and prepare those chosen to live in the New Jerusalem after the Great War as prophesied in the Book of Revelations,” the petition read.
Lori allegedly told Charles that if he got in the way “of her mission she would murder him” and that she “had an angel there to help her dispose of the body.”]

This is your brain on religion. Any question? The Lord works in delirious ways.