Boy scouts follow-up

The news is out: [WASHINGTON, D.C. – Boy Scouts of America faces mounting legal liability as lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by leaders and volunteers continue to roll in, thanks in part to loosening statutes of limitations across the country.
Today, lawyers with Abused in Scouting filed suit in Washington, D.C., on behalf of eight men who say they were abused as kids by Scout leaders and volunteers. The District in May eliminated time restrictions for sexual abuse survivors to pursue civil litigation and opened a two-year window for survivors under the age of 40 to file suit regardless of the date of the incident.
Separately, attorneys Gilion Dumas and Ashley Vaughn plan to file suit in California on behalf of 14 plaintiffs with similar claims. That “mass action” suit comes days after California’s Assembly Bill 218 took effect, allowing victims of child sexual assault to file suit until age 40 and opening a three-year window for those abused as children to sue for past incidents.
Attorney Paul Mones, who along with Dumas won a landmark $19.9 million verdict against the Scouts in 2010, said he expects a “flood of litigation” in California.]

Please note that religious cults have done the same to children and are not being held accountable.

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