The news is out: [PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission on Wednesday released a series of audio recordings allegedly showing former Prime Minister Najib Razak seeking help from Abu Dhabi’s crown prince and colluding with a former prosecutor to conceal wrongdoings linked to a massive corruption scandal.
The voice clips marked a new blow to Najib, who has denied any misdeeds in the multimillion-dollar looting of the 1MDB investment fund and is on trial for graft after his election defeat in May 2018.
Commission chief Latheefa Koya said the nine phone conversations, recorded from January 2016 to July 2016, revealed a “clear cover-up and criminal conspiracy” by Najib to stifle investigations, fabricate false evidence and obstruct justice in the 1MDB scandal.
She said the agency has verified that the clips were genuine but declined to say how it obtained them. She said the clips will be given to police for further action.
“We can confirm their absolute authenticity. The contents are shocking; it’s a cover-up and subversion of justice,” Latheefa said.]

No matter where.

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