Is the US Constitution still valid?

The news is out: [Washington is just days away from the start of the first impeachment trial in over two decades, but congressional leaders remain at odds over what exactly it will look like.
Even after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., ended her unofficial filibuster of the process last Friday and committed to sending the impeachment articles to the Senate, Republican lawmakers are continuing to have discussions over whether the trial should feature a new round of witness testimony. Some GOP lawmakers, meanwhile, are aiming for a quick verdict and President Trump himself has started to publicly argue that the case simply should be dismissed.]

There are no longer checks and balances in the US government. Not the Constitution, but “WE THE PEOPLE” are screwed. Checks and balances are very important to our gov’t because it divides the power in our gov’t so that not one branch is too strong and controlling over the others. Also each branch has its perks over other branches in a lot of situations.

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