Nothing but bullshit

The news is out: [As Democrats’ top presidential candidates prepare to meet for the last debate before voters start weighing in, the primary contest remains one of the most unpredictable in decades ā€” a contest not likely to end anytime soon.
Two billionaire candidates are wild cards: Environmentalist Tom Steyer last week unexpectedly seized a place on the Iowa debate stage by doing well in polls in South Carolina and Nevada, which vote in mid- and late-February and where most other candidates were not running television ads.
Former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is spending sums unmatchable by other candidates to advertise in states, including California, that vote in the March 3 multi-state primary known as Super Tuesday.]

Welcome to the land of bullshit. Voters do not elect the president of the US. Nothing is more predictable than what they are calling unpredictable. A bunch of low-life thugs stirring the cesspool to allow certain candidates to float. Smell like a dead skunk, at high noon, next to a port-o-let in front of a pulpwood lumberyard.

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