Biblical stupidity 2271

One of the main reasons that many believe in the bible is because they have been conditioned, indoctrinated and brainwashed since birth. If children were given a chance to reach an age of understanding, there is no way many of them would be trapped into a cult of death and stupidity. Religion cannot afford that gamble; so it goes after babies who can be raped without complaint.
It doesn’t take long before one notices that Christians are running away from the bible, as fast as possible. Thus the prosperity gospel. They still regurgitate the crap they are fed, without a hint of common sense. In many cases, they make up their own biblical rambling they inherited from their preachers. This indoctrination is so severe that many will believe the tales of a water gliding idiot who rose from the dead, over the wonderful story of “The three little pigs”, which is more enjoyable, by far.
In my triple capacity as a non-believer, grandpa and defender of the truth, in a church-owning family, I must be an honest example to my grandkids. And I get some very interesting comments when I quote the bible during discussions that cannot be avoided. Just last week, a friend asked me if I read the bible every day, to which I replied “pretty much” for my blog, besides the fact that I spent 6 years in a seminary studying the bible in my youth. She proceeded to smile and tell me “that’s how great the bible is, it’s like a magnet”. My answer came fast and quick “one of us has to do it, to expose the lies. If it’s a magnet, how come it hasn’t attracted you?” Now, she avoids me at all costs.
The bible is fascinating to me, for no other reason that there is no other book I can open and find something stupid on every page. No matter where one looks in the bible, there is a fallacy, a contradiction, a flaw, an atrocity, an inconsistency, a dirty passage, a nonsense, a vulgarity, something offensive or plain stupid. There is a tremendous level of condensed idiocy piled up within the pages, different facets of genuine outlandish hallucination, something that our future generations should be protected from.
With endless resources at our fingertips nowadays, you’d think it would be much more difficult for folks to get away with passing off fiction as fact. And yet, myths and misconceptions are just as prevalent today as they were in a pre-internet world. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the bible, one more time, to dig for … nuggets?

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