Driving with the Lord

The news is out: [A woman in Pennsylvania allegedly drove her car into oncoming traffic as a test of her faith in God and showed no remorse for her actions, according to authorities.
The incident occurred on Jan. 7 near Weatherly, Pennsylvania when 31-year-old Nadejda Reilly drove into oncoming traffic on Route 93, according to ABC News’ Pittsburgh affiliate station WTAE.
An investigator who spoke to Reilly said that she told him she had been driving around for several hours waiting for a calling from God when she decided to take action into her own hands and drive into an oncoming vehicle.
“Reilly related God took care of her by not having her injured,” wrote Trooper Bruce Balliet in an arrest affidavit. “Reilly expressed no concerns or remorse for the victims. Reilly also stated she did not care if the other people were injured because God would have taken care of them.”
Reilly, from Drums, Pennsylvania, had her $50,000 bail revoked and was charged with aggravated assault and other offenses over allegations that she purposely caused the accident that injured two people in the vehicle that she collided with.]

Another one of God’s chosen people. And she is ready to vote.

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