Rand Paul is a prick

The news is out: [On Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul read a question on the floor of the Senate that outed the alleged Ukraine whistleblower. He accompanied the question with a large placard printed with the whistleblower’s name.
The move, first reported by POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney on Twitter, flies in the face of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who previously blocked Paul’s question.]

Rand Paul acted like an asshole. Now that he revealed the name of the whistleblower, what is he going to do next? Not a damn thing. What he did is called mental masturbation; he got himself off. 

Rand Paul must share the glory with all the other maggots who voted him in office. The time has come for “WE THE PEOPLE” to start drug testing our public servants and demand they explain what they perceive their oath to mean.

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