Scientific bullshit

The news is out: [Bumblebee populations in North America and Europe have plummeted as a result of extreme temperatures, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science.
The number of areas populated by bumblebees has fallen 46 percent in North America and 17 percent in Europe, and the new research found that regions with sharp bee declines also experienced strong variations in climate — and especially higher temperatures and worse heat waves.
It’s yet another major piece of bad news for bee populations. Declining colonies of commercial honeybees have been blamed on a strange phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder but also probably spring from a bevy of other causes. Now, the new research suggests that bumblebees in the wild are suffering, too.]

I came across this article and SMH. When science is used to promote bullshit ideas, it becomes as good as human shit in a cesspool. I already solved the mystery of dying pollinators and birds in one of my books. The only cause is the bonehead decision to spray deadly chemical from crop dusters to control mosquitoes. The poison landed on everything, including the flowers that the bees would visit the next day. The birds got a double dose since the chemicals affected their reproductive system and killed the embryos in their eggs.

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