Guess who is back

The news is out: [The Trump Administration is planning to roll back religious freedom protections for atheists and minority groups in 8 U.S. agencies, which would grant religious organizations special privileges to receive public funds for social services programs.
In the Department of Education, for example, this change would allow more colleges and universities to claim to be religious and give religious institutions much broader latitude to discriminate.
That’s just one department! These proposed regulations affect nearly every sector of the government and govern hundreds of millions of dollars of social services programming.
Stand up against discrimination against atheists and special privileges for religious organizations!
We need to submit as many public comments as possible to oppose these proposed rules by the deadline of February 18th!
Please help us oppose government-sponsored coercion by religious groups right now!
This week, it came out that the Trump Administration gave a $500,000 federal grant to Hookers for Jesus, a religious organization that operates a shelter and forces vulnerable people to participate in religious activities to stay there.
The simple fact is this: religious groups should not be allowed to take government funding and deny people services based on their beliefs!
The Trump Administration’s proposed rule changes in 8 U.S. agencies would make this situation all too common.
Take a stance against these discriminatory measures. Please help us protect the civil rights of atheists and the separation of religion and government!
Alison Gill
Vice President for Legal and Policy]

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