The ways of the Lord

The news is out: [A woman who worked as the financial secretary of her church has been charged with embezzling more than half a million dollars from it to pay for thousands of online purchases, car loans, satellite television, cell phone bills and even her own wedding.
Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina in New Jersey and Florence Township Police Department Officer in Charge Jonathan Greenberg announced that Taisha D. Smith DeJoseph, 43, of Willingboro, New Jersey, was charged with embezzling a total of $561,777 from St. Paul’s Baptist Church where she volunteered as the financial director.
“The investigation began after officials from St. Paul’s Baptist Church who suspected the theft contacted the BCPO (Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office) Financial Crimes Unit,” the BCPO said in a statement. “The investigation revealed that over a five-year period ending in March 2019, Smith-DeJoseph, who was responsible for overseeing the church’s finances, opened electronic bank accounts for St. Paul’s and used the funds for personal purposes.”
Smith-DeJoseph, along with the reported unapproved spending, also allegedly issued payroll and supply reimbursement checks from the church’s coffers and fabricated monthly financial statements to hide her tracks from other church officials.
She allegedly failed to file tax returns for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 in an attempt to hide her embezzlement scheme from the government. In 2017 she filed a fraudulent tax return. Authorities estimate that in the five-year period from 2014 to 2018, Smith-DeJoseph ended up stealing over half a million dollars — $561,777 — for her own personal use.]

So the money was put to good use. The pastor would have done the same. The Lord works in delirious ways.

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