Britain, the cradle of racism

The news is out: [The Church of England has voted to apologize for “conscious and unconscious racism experienced by countless Black, Asian and minority ethnic” people over the past seven decades, as its senior bishop said Tuesday that the church is “still deeply institutionally racist,” according to the BBC.
At a meeting of the General Synod, the church’s governing body, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said that he was “ashamed” of the the church’s history of racism. During the Synod, members voted to apologize for the church’s past actions, and to “stamp out all forms of conscious or unconscious racism.”
The Church also published a statement referring specifically to the ways it benefitted from the arrival of people, mainly from Jamaica and other Commonwealth countries in the West Indies, in the U.K. in the 1940s, 50s and 60s — while at the same time discriminating against them. At that time, the U.K. government appealed to citizens of the British commonwealth to move to Britain and help rebuild the country after the Second World War. These migrants became widely-known as the “Windrush Generation.” after the HMT Empire Windrush ship which arrived in the U.K., with 802 passengers giving their last country of residence as somewhere in the Caribbean.]

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