Old virus

The news is out: [WASHINGTON — President Trump continued on Wednesday to misrepresent just how aggressively the United States has implemented a coronavirus testing regime that will allow public health officials to identify, isolate and treat sickened individuals. That process, epidemiologists say, is the only way to halt the pandemic, which has sickened 65,000 Americans and killed more than 900.
The United States has, in recent days, rapidly increased the number of tests conducted daily, and the COVID Tracking Project, which compiles data from across the country, found that 433,545 people in the U.S. had been tested by Wednesday evening.]

The Trumpvirus is a disease that has infected most people in the US. Whatever stupidity comes from Trump has an immediate effect on the media. MSNBC and CNN will try to expose the lies while FOX seeks to explain and support them. The cure is simple: whatever Trump says, flush it down the toilet, no paper required.

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