One finally saw the light

The news is out: [The mayor of a small city in Texas said women should not be allowed to lead the prayers at public meetings of the City Council, pointing to two verses in the Bible that he says were meant to be taken literally.
In an email Sunday to fellow Wylie City Council member Jeff Forrester, Mayor Eric Hogue urged that a male be chosen to lead the prayers at the next meeting on Tuesday.
“All I ask is that those leading the public prayer be young men,” Hogue, who is currently serving his last term as mayor after 12 years, wrote.]

As I explained to a female preacher a few years back, the bible is very clear that women should shut the hell up in church. It’s in the bible, people. I also detailed in one of my books that religion remains a man’s club. Women are not allowed to “testify” because the word comes from “testes” which means nut sacks (balls, cojones, gonads, stones, family jewels.) Until women can prove they can grab their walnuts, they are not allowed to speak in church. Just bring a donation and don’t wear panties.

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