Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) of Muscatine, Iowa is voluntarily recalling 27- 25 lb.bags of Home Fresh Starter AMP Crumble from a single batch due to elevated salt levels, which can present illness or death to poultry. Kent Nutrition Group has ceased distribution of this lot as FDA and the company continue their investigation.
Potential health risks of elevated salt levels include decreased growth rate, increased thirst, weakness, difficulty walking, difficulty breathing and death. To date, KNG has received three complaints concerning this product, which included illnesses and deaths in broilers age 12-20 weeks.
This lot was manufactured at the KNG Columbus, NE plant and includes product distributed to select DO IT® Best Hardware Stores in Oregon, Washington, California, Montana and Idaho. Product subject to the recall can be identified by product code 3487 and is identified by the lot code 1020031 stamped onto the white strip sewn used to seal the package.
The company is working closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to further investigate this issue and ensure the recalled products are removed from store shelves and are no longer distributed.

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