Long overdue

The news is out: [Gov. Cuomo signed legislation on Friday that will prevent the NYPD and other departments in the state from keeping the public in the dark when it comes to disciplinary records.
The measure — passed by the Legislature this week as part of a package of law enforcement reforms following the death of George Floyd — repeals 50-a, a section of New York law dating back to 1976 that allowed police, fire and corrections departments keep disciplinary and personnel records under wraps.
“There’s no trust and if there is no trust, the relationship doesn’t work,” the governor said as he signed the bill at his Manhattan office. “If there’s no trust, the police can’t effectively police. If there’s no trust, the community is not going to allow the police to police.
“There is no trust or there is a breach of the trust and that has to be restored,” he added.
State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers), Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) and civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton joined Cuomo as he signed the repeal along with three other bills.
The new law, effective immediately, makes disciplinary records subject to Freedom of Information Law requests from journalists and the public, shining a light on the well-guarded files after decades of secrecy.]

This is one of the many steps that I want to see happen nationwide. Cops are public servants; they work for the public who pays their wages. Why are the employers (the public) not allowed to see their employees’ records. Who decided on the secrecy? Like I wrote before, a cop can see anyone’s criminal record at any time; why is the opposite impossible?

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