UK, head of the racist snake

The news is out: [A conservation charity has apologized after it shared a video in which Sir David Attenborough talks about controlling population growth while images of Asian people were shown.
The World Wildlife Fund UK (WWF UK) clip shows Sir David, 94, urging people to do their bit for the environment.
At one point, the star mentions the need to “stabilize the human population” in order to help the planet, and at that moment the video briefly shows Asian people bathing in a river, before showing a group of white people.]

We are witnessing the biggest mass exodus of human maggots out of the racist closet. Don’t believe one single word they are saying; they still believe in their utopia; they still hate negroes. It’s easier for a leopard to change its spots than for one of these feeble-minded imbeciles to correct the racist blood running through their veins. While started by the Muzzies and Arabs, the UK perfected the virulent racism affecting the world.

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