Macron is also a negro killer

The news is out: [Fighting racism should not lead to a “hateful” rewriting of history, Emmanuel Macron has said.
The French president delivered a televised public address from the Élysée Palace on Sunday evening following weeks of worldwide Black Lives Matter protests.
Some protesters have targeted statues of historical figures associated with slavery or other past human rights abuses.
In Bristol a bronze memorial to slave trader Edward Colston was torn down as part of an anti-racism demonstration.
Similar protests have taken place across the world, and many authorities have removed controversial statues, but Macron told the French people he would not be following suit.
Amid calls for taking down statues tied to France’s slave trade or colonial wrongs, Macron said “the republic will not erase any trace, or any name, from its history … it will not take down any statue”.
“We should look at all of our history together,” he said, with a goal of “truth” instead of “denying who we are.”]
Emmanuel Macron, you are still rewriting France’s racist history. We have been fighting your terrorism since 1492 and ignorance since 1804. Here you are defending your monsters, just the same as you worship your supremacist God who murdered innocent negroes.

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