A note from Nick

For far too long, historians have assumed that Black people are “naturally religious” and that American atheism stems exclusively from European philosophy and science.

But that’s far from the truth. In his stunning new book, Black Freethinkers: A History of African American Secularism, Christopher Cameron exposes how false these assumptions are.

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17 at 8:00 pm ET for this week’s installment of our Summer Speaker Series, as Chris reveals how the violence and inhumanity of slavery pushed Black people to reject not only Christianity but also God.

Moving from slavery and Reconstruction to the Harlem Renaissance, to civil rights and black power, all the way to contemporary African American freethinkers, Chris will trace the development of Black freethought over the past several hundred years.


Nick Fish
[For the record. I am not an atheist; I could never be; just like I could never be a Christian. Atheism is too soft for me. It also pisses me off that atheism is receiving the same tax free exemption as other religions. If proofs were made available, atheists would readily turn into believers. As for me, I would still have the same disdain and disgust for a POS racist God who murdered 25 million innocent people and bragged about it in the Old Testament. I would still refuse to bow to a supremacist asshole who murdered the first born of the Egyptians; because they are my people, my tribe. I refuse to play nice with a bunch of child molesters, women abusers and genocidal killers.]

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