POOF, the US is no longer racist

The news is out: [Over the last few weeks, cultural institutions across the country — from nonprofits to museums to magazines — felt required to make statements about the recent protests against police brutality and racial injustice. Even the Sesame Street crew stepped forward to say that “racism has no place on our Street — or on any street.”
After these displays, you might wonder if a reversal in racist and classist policies will come next. But unless these institutions take real action, we won’t see anything.
That’s because these gestures are empty.
On June 2, many organizations — most of which claim they are committed to Black advancement — engaged in #BlackOutTuesday. They posted black squares on their social media accounts to showcase their support for the current racial justice movement, and as the week continued, they made sweeping proclamations. While the intentions were good, these actions invoked critiques about how much they did for the cause besides taking up digital space.
While they’re not singing or making hollow videos, the social media posts, raised fists, and carefully ghostwritten words mean nothing if we all know it’s for show. These words are necessary, but they’re the bare minimum. Without concrete action behind them, they only serve to let these organizations off the hook. The only thing worse than no effort is fake effort.]

Several corporations resorted to inane statements to divert attention from what they have been doing for centuries. Much like thoughts and prayers, they are hollow temporary butt kissing designed to avoid losing revenues.

It is just remarkably amazing how the country easily got rid of racism in a couple of weeks POOF; just like all the remaining cops suddenly morphed into good people POOF; just like the coronavirus was defeated in a couple of months POOF; we are waiting to see Trump, he must be the magic dragon.

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