Another dirty oinker

The news is out: [A longtime Pennsylvania police officer was fired Thursday after sending a “racist and derogatory” email to the mayor and local news reporters.
Erie Mayor Joe Schember announced the firing of 62-year-old Sgt. Jeff Annunziata at a press conference, alongside Police Chief Dan Spizarny. In his email, Annunziata said Black people seeking social justice “cannot take care of their own or anyone else without playing the race card.” He also defended his profession and criticized journalists.
“Sgt. Jeff Annunziata sent an email to members of the media containing racist and derogatory statements,” Schember said. “I condemn these statements. I am appalled and disgusted by the racial insensitivity of this email.”
The Erie Times-News of the USA TODAY Network first reported the contents of Annunziata’s email about six hours before Schember’s announcement.
Spizarny said he immediately suspended Annunziata after an internal affairs investigation found he had sent the email from his city account and identified himself as a police officer.]

What took so long for Sgt. Jeff Annunziata to be discovered. Please don’t tell me he never shared his views with somebody.

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