Nick is back

Over the past two months, the wall of separation between church and state has taken blow after blow.
The Trump Administration, intent on rewarding its Evangelical base with government money, has capitalized on the COVID-19 crisis, giving churches access to nearly $700 billion in stimulus funding.
And then this: the Trump Administration announced its plan to hide the details of its church bailouts—names, dollar amounts, everything.
But we won’t let this Administration conceal its unconstitutional actions.
This week, on behalf of every atheist, of everyone who believes in the separation of religion and government, we launched an investigation into these secretive church bailouts.
Following pressure from us, other organizations, and members of Congress, the Trump Administration announced yesterday that it would provide only limited disclosure.
The Administration flat out refused to reveal the names of any business or church receiving less than $150,000. And for those receiving more than $150,000, the Administration has committed to only limited transparency—broad ranges of loan amounts, but nothing about how much money unconstitutionally went to clergy salaries. This is not enough!
We can’t allow the Trump Administration to leave Americans in the dark on how much of our tax dollars have gone to these unconstitutional church bailouts. We have a right to know.
We will continue to demand full transparency on the scope of these unconstitutional church bailouts. Our investigation has just begun.
No matter how long it takes, we will fight to find out the truth! But we need your help.
To find out the full truth, every legal action must be on the table. To contribute to this investigation, please make a tax-deductible donation, and you will ensure we have the resources to expose these unconstitutional church bailouts.

Nick Fish

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