The white church

The news is out: [Growing up in the South, Robert P. Jones attended Southern Baptist churches, Sunday schools, even a Southern Baptist college.
But it was only in seminary, in his mid-20s, that Jones says he learned the full truth about Southern Baptists’ white supremacist roots. The denomination was founded to defend slavery and did not formally rebuke its past until 1995, when Southern Baptists voted to apologize for their history of racism.
Jones was a social scientist before he realized how stubbornly racist ideas can persist in White churches.
“White Christian churches have not just been complacent; they have not only been complicit,” he writes in his book, “White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity,” publishing next month.]

The Southern Baptists never rebuked slavery and racism; I covered that in one of my books. Nothing can beat religion when it comes to a criminal past.

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