More bad cops

The news is out: [A pair of Indiana police officers are on administrative leave for using a chokehold on a man days after their department banned neck restraints.
In a joint statement, Anderson Mayor Thomas J. Broderick Jr. and Police Chief Jake Brown said they were “disturbed” by video of the arrest posted to social media and “will not tolerate the use of improper force.”
The arrest occurred two days after the mayor and police chief banned the use of chokeholds in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.
Police departments around the world have moved to ban the dangerous neck restraints in recent weeks.
Broderick and Brown announced this week that officers Brandon Reynolds and Ashley Gravely were placed on paid leave. The move came after video emerged of the June 13 arrest of 21-year-old Spencer Nice in the city of Anderson, about 40 miles northeast of Indianapolis.]

They are on paid vacation. Not bad for violating department procedures. It’s easier for a leopard to change its spots than cops to get rid of their racism.

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