Breaking the law

The news is out: [A sheriff’s office employee and an investigative assistant with the district attorney’s office in Ventura County, California, were among three men who have been arrested after they were caught on video damaging a roadside Black Lives Matter sign on private property, authorities said.
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office identified the men as Darrin Stone, Craig Anderson and Jeffrey Moore, all of Thousands Oaks.
For the last three weeks, the sign — a tarp with the letters BLM painted on it — has been secured to a fence on Westlake Boulevard and has been damaged or removed several times, the sheriff’s office said.
The owner of the sign placed a surveillance camera near it to capture images of anyone damaging or removing it.
The sheriff’s office said it recognized one of its employees, Stone, 60, in footage the owner posted online of a man ripping through the sign with a knife on June 13 and June 19 and initiated a criminal investigation. Stone was off duty at the time of both incidents.]

Racism at all levels of American life.

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