Nick and Mandisa

It is challenging to be a Black atheist in America. Black Americans are the most religious group in the country, and leaving the Black Church can mean stepping away from a long-standing emotional tie that binds. For Black women, the challenges can be even more profound.
And while the Religious Right is perhaps best known today for its attacks on reproductive rights, LGBTQ people, and women, it has its roots in weaponizing religion against Black Americans to justify racism, ranging from Jim Crow and segregation to slavery.
With this complex context in mind, three prominent activists —Mandisa Thomas, Sikivu Hutchinson, and Bridgett ‘Bria’ Crutchfield—stood up and in 2019 organized Women of Color Beyond Belief, the first ever national conference exclusively focused on the perspectives and work of women of color atheists.
Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, June 24 at 8 pm ET, with Mandisa, president of Black Nonbelievers, as she examines the Women of Color Beyond Belief movement for this week’s essential installment of our Summer Speaker Series.
During her talk, Mandisa will explore the specific needs and contributions of women of color atheists and the role Women of Color Beyond Belief has played and will continue to play. Not only that, she will consider the future of this vibrant movement, which will only grow, especially if we all come together to ensure that happens.
Register now for this essential event, and you’ll gain insight into a community that deserves more attention.

Nick Fish

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