Adam and God

Adam was made in the image of his creator, knew how to talk, build stuff, and was void of reason and common sense just like his daddy. Within 5 hours of being invented, he became a smart cookie who couldn’t resist apple sauce.

The biblical birth of Adam and Eve earned many more qualifications to the already omniscient, omnipotent, almighty and good Christian God. Among the most fitting virtues in his repertoire are: stupid, narcissistic, genocidal murderer, xenophobe, white supremacist, baby killer, woman hater, rapist, adulterer, liar, and many more for a morally bankrupt fairy who ended up looking worse than his supposed nemesis, Satan. And, that’s after God wrote a bible to confess to his heinous crimes against humanity. He is also guilty of many war crimes when he commanded his deranged lunatic followers to slaughter men, women, children and even trees, in many conflicts that he, himself, instigated for no other reason than to steal and plunder. 25 millions innocent lives snuffed out, in the Old Testament alone. After all, God wants his hallucinating believers to think that he is a good God, even when he is hell bent on achieving a delusional superior tribe. And Hitler is the bad guy?

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