Black women forgot

The news is out: [Why Black TV reporters are now embracing their natural hair on-air: ‘It’s more important than ever to be seen and heard’
For the first time in my career I’m wearing braids on air,” Kaci Jones, a 27-year-old Black female broadcast reporter and anchor who works for KCTV in Kansas City, Mo., wrote on Instagram on June 15. “I’m so happy to be a part of an industry wide shift challenging and refusing ‘beauty norms’ that stem from white supremacy.”
“I’ve had mentors tell me it would be easier to get a job with straight hair than natural hair,” she says. “I still remember some of my classmates who didn’t listen and applied for jobs with natural hair and didn’t get any responses.”
Issues surrounding Black women and men wearing their hair naturally or in protective styles, like braided extensions, have permeated a number of industries, leading to Black professionals being fired from their jobs or barred from being hired. Grooming guidelines that discriminate against these styles have even been enforced at schools across the country.]

I grew up watching my mom and sister with their natural looks. It was very sad for me to see many black women impede their beauty to please a white society. If any of these beautiful women read my books, they would have known that nappy, curly, frizzy hair is natural; straight hair is recessive.

Please don’t stop at the hair; there are other things, you comply to, that are recessive… many are downright dangerous.

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