Church of England’s day of reckoning

The news is out: [LONDON (Reuters) – The Church of England must review statues and monuments in its places of worship to ensure that any with links to slavery are removed or are given appropriate context, its spiritual leader, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, said on Friday.
The Anglican Church, a central part of English public life and governance for centuries, is the latest institution to reflect on its role following worldwide protests inspired by the death of George Floyd in police custody in the United States.
Welby, the most senior cleric in the worldwide Anglican communion, which has some 85 million followers in 165 countries, said forgiveness was needed over issues of racial injustice, but that could only come after appropriate action had been taken.
“If you just go round Canterbury Cathedral there are monuments everywhere, or Westminster Abbey. We are looking at all that. Some will have to come down,” Welby said in a BBC interview.
Asked to clarify if statues needed to be removed from Canterbury Cathedral, Welby said this was not his decision.
“We’re going to be looking very carefully and putting them in context, and seeing if they all should be there,” he said. “The question arises, of course it does.”
Protesters in Bristol, western England, tore down a statue this month honoring Edward Colston, a 17th century merchant and slave trader who used his profits to endow schools and charities in the city that continue to carry his name.]

“In my hometown, whenever I went to the big cathedral-like church, I was always perplexed. The church is dedicated to the patron saints of the town: Saint Philippe (I am named after) and Saint Jacques (I am also named after). On either side of the altar, made with imported marble and laced with gold (Jesus didn’t have a stone to rest his head), stood the tall white statues of these bearded saints with European features.
Going in the church from the main door facing the open air market, about 40’ from the altar, to the right, is the statue of Michael, the archangel, with European features, sword in hands, ready to slay the devil, at his feet. The devil is painted black (African) and red (Native American).
The priest in charge was a black man, in a black town, in a black country. (Excerpt from “My journey into reality”

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