Drunken stupor

A religion is nothing more than a sect or cult, with bigger coffers that more fools can drop their money in. There is no difference between the Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Noble Quran. All three came from the same group of traitors who were kicked out of Egypt; and no one, in their right mind, should venture to read a passage from any of these books without being properly fitted with chest high waders.

Science is not a specialized word, but a type of knowledge which people can communicate to each other and share. Religious belief, on the other hand, is an occurrence that can be found in nature; it’s called a mirage. It is a tool created to perform a specific task, and it worked beautifully. Religion constantly trolls science as evangelists continue to assert that modern scientific discoveries verify the scriptures.

According to the religiously ignorant, research on the edge of the solar wind, progress in human DNA, exoplanets, general relativity, redshifting and neutrinos, all that research confirms that the Earth is just like the bible describes: flat, sitting on pillars, with 4 corners, and barely 6000 years old.

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