Negroes for Jesus

The black church is the white man’s most effective weapon. Every Sunday, millions of dumb negroes can be seen in different churches, standing in line to bow in front of a projected or graven image of a white Jesus; the same massa who gave them the finger so many times in history. If the biblical leaders believe that all humans came from the same fairy god-father, where is the justification for the church’s teachings during the era of the Atlantic slave trade and segregation?

Unable to understand the most obvious casual reasoning, void of the most basic sense of logic, blacks sing: no more shackles, no more chains, no more bondage, before going back to the plantations and stepping into the slaughterhouse to be butchered by racist cops… countless dumb negroes wasting their lives singing the praises of massa Jesus. Thrown into slavery, predestined for eternal doom and torment, black imbeciles lament, yet find enjoyment in some kind of perverted pride and satisfaction in their condition. They have been doing it faithfully for 2000 years and still think, in their delusion, that a white God cares about them; like the white man they so respect and still revere. (Excerpt from “2 burgers and a beer”

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