So you trust cops?

The news is out: [Earlier this week Bill Melugin, a reporter for a Fox News affiliate in Los Angeles, tweeted a photo of what he claimed was a tampon that had been sneakily submerged in an off-duty police officer’s Frappuccino. Melugin noted that the officer had used his police credit union debit card to pay for the drink – thereby alerting staff to his occupation. We are left to presume that a radicalized cop-hating barista trained in sanitary warfare cruelly took advantage of the situation.
I’m not sure whether Melugin has ever seen a real-life tampon before but the mega-long object he tweeted doesn’t really look like one. And that’s not the only thing that doesn’t quite add up about this incident, which is now being investigated by both the police and the internet. Target, which licenses the Starbucks in question, has reviewed security footage and said they didn’t find any suspicious behavior.
It is too early to draw final conclusions about the Tamp-puccino trauma. However it is worth noting that America’s police officers seem to find themselves embroiled in fabricated fast-food fracases with alarming regularity. Earlier this month, for example, three New York cops alleged that their Shake Shack milkshakes had been poisoned; it turned out the imaginary incident had probably been invented by the police labor union. Then there was the Kansas police officer who admitted that he’d lied about being served a McDonald’s coffee with “f-ing pig” written on it. And the Indianapolis cop who forgot he’d taken a bite out of his McChicken and fries and claimed a rogue McDonald’s employee had sabotaged his lunch.
If we can’t trust the police to tell the truth about their fast food orders then how on earth can we trust them to tell the truth about anything else?]

Outstanding public servant awards.

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