A case for TRE45ON

The news is out: [American officials provided a written briefing in late February to President Trump laying out their conclusion that a Russian military intelligence unit offered and paid bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan, two officials familiar with the matter said.
The investigation into the suspected Russian covert operation to incentivize such killings has focused in part on an April 2019 car bombing that killed three Marines as one such potential attack, according to multiple officials familiar with the matter.
The new information emerged as the White House tried on Monday to play down the intelligence assessment that Russia sought to encourage and reward killings — including reiterating a claim that Mr. Trump was never briefed about the matter and portraying the conclusion as disputed and dubious.
But that stance clashed with the disclosure by two officials that the intelligence was included months ago in Mr. Trump’s President’s Daily Brief document — a compilation of the government’s latest secrets and best insights about foreign policy and national security that is prepared for him to read. One of the officials said the item appeared in Mr. Trump’s brief in late February; the other cited Feb. 27, specifically.]

Ladies and gentlemen, this criminal president was shielded by the republican senate and still has the support of 48% of the American people. One must wonder about the many conversations between Trump and Putin, where no one was allowed to keep notes. In the next couple of days, watch how many excuses will be offered by politicians, on both sides of the aisle, to justify the murder of our soldiers.

No one will be held accountable for something everybody is doing. For the longest time, We the people have watched in silence as the country has been on the auction block, waiting for the highest bidder. As of late, business turned into flea market offerings where state secrets are sold real cheap. Sometimes for the cost of an all-inclusive vacation with hookers.

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